The main interest of the Ji lab is to elucidate the epigenetic regulation of normal cellular differentiation and chronic respiratory diseases such as childhood asthma. Specifically we are interested to understand the epigenetic mechanisms underlying heterogeneous disease phenotypes and mediating the impact of environmental exposures.

Currently, we are focused on understanding how epigenetic mechanisms regulate disease severity in childhood asthma. We are also investigating how diesel exhaust particles and other exposures modify the epigenome, leading to increased susceptibility to chronic common diseases. The approaches we have taken include human population studies, animal models and in vitro cell models.

We have open positions in our lab for both students and postdocs! Contact Hong Ji at hgji@ucdavis.edu for more details.




10/26, Stephanie Henson passed QE!

6/5, our minireview article “The epiTet of air pollution: Epigenetic Regulation of Airway Inflammation by Tet1” was published online.

4/1, Ji lab welcomed our first IGG graduate student Evan Holmes!


8/22, our undergraduate Mahed started working as a lab assistant II.

6/7, Stephanie Henson received an NIEHS predoctoral fellowship!

3/21, Ji lab welcomed our first GGI graduate student Stephanie Henson!


12/27, Ji lab welcomed SRA Sweeney Elston!

11/24, our manuscript on early life wildfire smoke and nasal epigenome was published online! Our bioinformatic analyst Anthony is the first author.

8/30, Ji lab welcomed junior specialist Steve!

6/14, Ji lab welcomed undergraduate student Alex who has been virtual with us for a year and now joined us on site!

5/3, Ji lab welcomed two undergraduate students Jacie and Mahed!

2/25, Dr. Ji won the EHSC pilot project award to study the impact of wildfire in young children in collaboration with Dr. Rebecca Schmidt! See story here.


10/16, our paper to Allergy on epigenetics of severe childhood asthma is accepted! Our postdoc Tao is the co-first author, and Anthony is a co-author. Here is the paper!

10/12, the Ji lab won the 2020 Lab Safety Award!

Associate Professor Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Cell biology School of Veterinary Medicine University of California, Davis California National Primate Research Center Office: 530-754-0679 Email: hgji@ucdavis.edu