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Highly motivated students and postdocs are welcome to join our group. Strength in molecular biology, genomic research, bioinformatics or statistics is a requirement. Refer to our Research and Publications to learn about our research interests, read the messages below and email hgji@ucdavis.edu if you’re interested.

Graduate students

Graduate students must be admitted into a graduate program first before they are able to join the lab. I can accept students from the Integrative Genetics and Genomics (IGG), Graduate Group in Immunology (GGI), Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology (BMCDB), and Phamacology and Toxicology (PTX) graduate groups. If you’re already a student, email me and we will schedule a meeting to talk about potential research projects. Otherwise, let me know you’ve applied to one of these programs and send me your application materials.

Currently the lab has funding for accepting one student starting fall 2019.  Scholarship and fellowship for eligible candidates may be available through training grants and programs (GGI, BMCDB, IGG and PTX).


Funding is available for postdocs to join my lab. Send me your CV, a brief (<1 page) statement describing your research interests and how they align with my lab, and contact information for at least two references. Funding for eligible candidates may be available through training grants and programs.

Undergraduate students

Enthusiastic undergraduates are encouraged to apply. Send your resume/CV, undergraduate transcripts, a brief statement outlining your background and motivation for considering research in my lab. Please check the UC Davis Undergraduate Research Center page to see if you are eligible for one of the funding programs available to undergrads.

Other Open positions

Highly motivated junior specialists are welcome to query for open positions.


NOTE: Make sure you fill out EVERY question when you apply, as any INCOMPLETE application will be automatically disqualified by the system.

Associate Professor Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Cell biology School of Veterinary Medicine University of California, Davis California National Primate Research Center Office: 530-754-0679 Email: hgji@ucdavis.edu